• Protects you and your car from damaging effects of the sun
• Reduces solar heat and glare and improves driver’s comfort with superb clarity
• Protects your skin and car’s interior from harmful UV rays
• Blocking out 99.6 % of sun’s ultra violet light (UV)
• Reflects up to 99 % of infra-red heat (IR)
• Resists theft
• Always feeling cool under the hot sun
• Protects you from shattered window-screens


• Full-piece application – one “full-piece” for all the windows and wind-screens. No cutting of hole for the IU unit.
• Shorter curing time – application is quick and professionally installed with little or no water retention.
• Interference free – does not interfere with GPS, cell phone, radio/TV reception and door/alarm remote signals.
• High Ultra-violet light reflectance – reflects more than 99 % of harmful ultra-violet light. It not only protects you from the harmful rays but also protects your car’s interior.
• Faster cooling time – increases air condition efficiency and cools faster even on hot days.
• Warranty – seven years’ warranty against bubbles, peeling, cracking, oxidation and corrosion
• Compliant with LTA guidelines
• Enhances safety with improved glass shatter-resistance
• Energy saver by reducing fuel